Violent Crime/violent Society

Proliferated Violent Crime


Violent crime is the order of the day! It’s extremely pervasive. It’s in the streets, homes, schools, church, sporting events, entertainment venues, video games, movies, T.V. programs and politics. Annually 970,000 people are victims of violent crime at the workplace. It stands to reason that no segment of human society is immune from this menace. Violent crime doesn’t discriminate between age or gender. It’s fiendish tentacles stretch clear from one end of the earth clear to the other end, reeking horrific havoc in it’s wake. Human blood flows into the ground at the rate of monsoon rainfall via violent crime.

Ours is a time period characterized by a vicious society that place a cheap value if any on human existence. These strikingly noticeable prevailing attitudes manifested by the present generation of people make planet earth to dangerous to live in. Every conceivable type of crime of the most brutal types are committed by those who make up this present morally decomposed systems of our so called modern age.

No conceivable idea for a violent crime is left unconsidered by those who would perpetrate such dreadful malicious acts of violence upon their fellowman. If they can think it, they will without fail cause it to occur. This present generation of people that occupy planet earth are masterful perpetrators of the worst type of violence imaginable. These demonic disciples who possess disapproved mental states to do the things unfitting would have been better off having not been conceived in the womb.

For those of us who desire to live peaceable and free from those who cant sleep unless they do badness, deserve much better earthly conditions in which to live. It’s a shame that we’re forced to coexist with a generation of social misfits that manifest such ravenous beast-like disposition for human carnage, who is bent on devouring not only themselves but those of us who clearly draw a demarcation.

I like to think that it’s the general consensus of the peaceable, that we’re sick of all the violence and the side affects and symptoms experienced by us and our children as a result. This world is miserably sick and wounded from it’s head to it’s feet.

I concede that The God who created the earth and the humans on it, will not stand by idol for too long before He with his own brand of appropriated justified violence, put this world out of it’s misery like the wounded horse it is, and brings an abrupt end to this VIOLENT WORLD.

By: Mr. Anonymous

B. S. S.

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